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Matt Connelly, founder of Campfire Media and Campfire Colorado, is a nationally recognized media consultant who has advised some of the most well-known public figures of the last two decades as well as high-growth startups, a Fortune 500 global media organization, non-profits, and one Terminator.

Connelly cut his teeth in the media world running the executive newsroom for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in California. As the Terminator’s newsroom manager, Matt monitored every news development affecting the Governor and the state of California across dozens of media markets and every conceivable type of media channel.

In the political arena, Matt has filled vital communications roles for the presidential campaign efforts of John McCain, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, and Scott Walker. As the traveling press secretary for Governor Walker’s presidential campaign, Matt was in the media spotlight daily as he traveled the country with reporters from every major national news outlet.

As Cory Gardner’s Press Secretary in the 2014 Colorado Senate race, Connelly helped elect Gardner to the United States Senate in one of the closest and most-watched races in the country. After helping secure the Senate majority for Republicans with Gardner’s victory in 2014, Matt was recruited to be the national press secretary for the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 2016 where he helped plan and execute the national press strategy for maintaining the senate majority.

Not content with simply operating in the political world, Matt successfully transitioned into the media consulting world in 2016 where he has advised large corporations, non-profits, and local community businesses in Colorado.

Non-profit organizations like Pew Charitable Trusts have also trusted Matt to increase earned media surrounding the financial needs of our National Park System and high-growth startup companies have relied on Connelly’s steady hand to navigate them through high-stakes public relations situations.

From monitoring brand impact and media coverage for a Fortune 500 global media organization to helping improve the bottom-line of Colorado grown industries, Connelly has demonstrated how the skills he learned on the front lines of politics can benefit any organization.

Matt is a graduate of The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC and currently lives in Golden, Colorado where he enjoys Colorado’s beautiful outdoors, CrossFit, and trail running.